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Towing and transportation related software and services.

Group Benefits

We have been providing programs and benefits to groups and associations since 1997. Our largest member group, towPartners, has over 6,000 member businesses in the towing and asset recovery (repossession) industries. Everything Fleet is the latest offering from FTI Groups. This new program is different from the other FTI Groups organizations in that it's sole purpose is to provide benefits and cost savings programs to companies who operate vehicles. Our other member groups have a combined membership of over 100,000 individuals and thousands of companies.

Software Products

FTI Groups is a leading provider of professional, cost effective, and innovative tools for fleet maintenance, dispatch management, record keeping and operations support. sureFleet and sureDispatch are part of our sureManager product suite which offers integrated solutions for managing fleet maintenance and dispatch. With web and mobile based applications, our products ensure whether in the office or in the field you have access to critical business management tools.

Custom Development

Built on our subject matter expertise in transportation, dispatch, work order tracking and reporting, we offer development services that both extend our current product offerings and provide innovative new applications for deriving valuable business insights. Utilizing proven success in cloud and mobile applications, we work closely with our clients to provide product solutions that improve business efficiencies on a framework that will grow with your requirements along with the rapidly changing technology landscape

Group Benefits

The team at FTI Groups is well equipped to assist associations and other organizations in their growth efforts. FTI Groups provides numerous services to outside organizations including consulting, data capture, measurement and reporting, marketing services, product and service discount programs, membership services as well as a complete package of publishing services.

Your organization can benefit from our experience in membership solicitation, communications and retention. We can help with data mining, list management, program or industry research, partnership evaluation, presentation and negotiation, process review, marketing materials development and more. FTI Groups specializes in developing high growth strategies for organizations wishing to enhance and expand their offerings to members as well as guidance in diversification of the organization to support new business development.

Software Products

FTI Groups currently offers a variety of software packages and mobile apps in the marketplace. From extensive ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions to simple tracking tools, our clients enjoy innovative, user-friendly cloud based solutions designed in many cases to allow customer customization. FTI Groups offers both software products capable of becoming end-to-end solutions in complex transportation management environments as well as easy to use products for small to medium sized businesses. Our most recently launched internally developed product is our highly acclaimed sureFleet maintenance solution, sureFleet.

Custom Development

FTI Groups offers a full suite of services for all of your custom development needs. Our focus is on transportation and/or dispatch management systems where jobs and/or vehicles must be tracked with interaction from both office and mobile workers. We connect customers to suppliers in unique ways by leveraging the business rules of our clients with advanced technology and systems logic. From simplified user interfaces to detailed accounting processing, staffing management and data analysis, our approach ensures clients are up and running quickly on cloud based systems whose architecture allows for company growth and continued software evolution while limiting life cycle terms.

At FTI Groups, we specialize in understanding the needs of our clients and translating those needs through collaborative design into high availability, fully functional tools that improve efficiency in the business operations of our clients. From the initial discussion, through the database design, screen mock-ups, specifications and wireframe stages of our process, we work to ensure client satisfaction by providing recommendations in areas where our expertise can serve to improve upon customer's plans. We provide clients with full visibility into our development status and work closely with stakeholders to establish confidence in tools before they are released. Our pricing is highly competitive and can be fixed for project elements to avoid cost overruns.

At FTI Groups...

...we believe transparency builds trust and is a key factor in developing long term relationships.

We also understand that clients expect quality, timeliness and adherence to budgets. It is our mission to support client needs in a way that is equal or superior to our customer’s expectations.

From programs for groups to software application development, FTI Groups stands ready to leverage its record in delivering quality solutions on time and on budget as we provide value to you, our next client.